Cover Reveal of Book Two in The Little Jenna Jafferty Book Series

I am so excited to present you with the cover reveal of the second book in The Little Jenna Jafferty Chapter Book Series. I have been waiting for this for quite awhile now, so when it arrived in my author’s portal yesterday, I took in a deep breath hoping with all I had in me that I would absolutely love it. Love it so much in fact, that I wouldn’t desire to have any changes made which would delay the release of Little Jenna Jafferty in Changes, Challenges & Chuckles. And my hope was granted! I absolutely love it! No changes required.


May I present you with the cover…





I do hope that you love it as much as I do and are as excited as I am for this book to be released. Of course there are more steps to be taken and more work to be done before that comes to fruition, but with the approval of this cover, the release date moves closer and closer.

In celebration, I also wanted to show you some of the inside of book two as well as the outside. So I thought why not share the chapter titles with everyone? And why not indeed?


They are as follows:

  1. Fall Changes
  2. Look Who’s Talking Now
  3. Halloween Tricks or Treats
  4. Sneakers, Loafers, and Cowboy Boots
  5. Not a Peep
  6. Jenna Meets Santa Claus
  7. Santa Comes Early
  8. Scissors, Snowflakes, and Pigtails
  9. Valentine Chocolates
  10. Mystery of the Missing Erasers
  11. The Orange Crayon
  12. Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Soap                   


And there you have it! I hope that all I have shared with you about Little Jenna Jafferty in Changes, Challenges & Chuckles has you intrigued and piques your curiosity.

There is just one more thing I wanted to pass along to you and that is, comments are welcomed and appreciated.

And those are Terra’s thoughts for today.

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