Here Comes Book Two of the Little Jenna Jafferty Series


Sitting on pins and needles is the best way to describe how I have been feeling for the last couple of weeks awaiting my complimentary box of Little Jenna Jafferty in Changes, Challenges & Chuckles books from my publisher.

But Hooray! It’s time to get off the pin cushion because the books finally arrived yesterday afternoon and my excitement continues to build!

This means it won’t be long before Little Jenna Jafferty’s continued antics and adventures in the second book of the series are released for sale. A press release will be written up by my publisher and a video book trailer made and released as well. After that, book sellers everywhere will begin to offer  Little Jenna Jafferty in Changes, Challenges & Chuckles to the public. Whoo Hoo!

Just as little Jenna Jafferty’s mom commemorates exciting events with photographs, so will I, LOL!

And these are Terra’s thoughts for today.



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